Prep Guide to your Furniture

How to prep your furniture in order to get a beautiful and durable finish.

Step by step pictorial tutorial on prepping furniture:

Get the screw driver and unscrew those hardware
Store the hardware in a ziplock so that they don’t get lost
Take a sanding sponge and lightly sand the piece. You can get your sponges from here
Next take the white lightening and mix it with water in a 8oz spray bottle. Spray it generously on the piece and wipe with a rag.
Once the piece is cleaned with white lightening, take a wet wipe or clean water and wipe down the whole piece to clean any lightening residue left.
Now, time to do the repairs, if any.
Pick your Dixie mud that comes in three colors-white,brown and black. It’s like a wood putty but much better in consistency and easy to work with. It is paintable, stainable, dries fast and can be easily sanded. It’s compatible with water, so if it dries up you can add little water and revive it.
Take a little mud on the spatula and fill in the areas that needs repair. Let it sit and dry completely before you sand and begin to paint.

Next step is cleaning the interior of the piece like these drawers. Take the wet wipes or white lightening and clean the drawers.
Next pull the drawers out and clean the inside rails with wet wipe or white lightening.
This is the wipe with all the dirt. Wet wipes saves time and do a nice job of cleaning the piece.
A fully prepped piece inside and out ready for a new paint job.
Before and After.
Painted in Dixie Belle “Bunker Hill Blue”. You can get the paint here