Mentor Group-Painter’s Porch

Painters Porch is an online mentor group for creative and aspiring  business owners who want to build their own brand and grow organically. There is never a late start,its the right start at the right time. And this mentorship will give you that right start. So let me break it down for you:

This is a 8weeks/2months course via a private group on Facebook which is paid through Venmo. It is a one time paid course with a non-refundable fees of $125.The course will begin on September 1st,2020. It will be weekly divided into units/topics like how to use social media to build following (Facebook, IG, Pinterest, YouTube), selling on various platform, targeting the right audience, converting followers into clients, doing lives on social media, planning systematically and tracking your growth, using various product related apps, staging, shipping, Etsy and website, workshops, strategies relating to launch of products and marketing, handling communications, live Q&A with me and many more. This mentorship will also include painting classes on unique finishes by me and few GUEST INSTRUCTORS. So you get the best of not just me but few others.

Sounds great right? You already feel like you can do it? Well that’s the first step to growth-confidence in yourself that YOU CAN DO IT. I am just a wave that will take you into the ocean full of knowledge, so get ready to be soaked in it and grab your spot. First head over to my Facebook page, don’t forget to “follow”. You will see the group listed there called “Painters Porch”. Send a request to join, after paying through Venmo. Fill out the membership questions. Once all this is done, you will be added to the group.

See you inside. XOXO Jo.